Please read our houserules carefully. Our rules are accepted by you in combination with booking. You agree to follow these rules during your stay (as well as your fellow travelers). Please consider: the reliability you expect from us will be also expected from you. We wish you a pleasant stay at We only host guests who are at least 25 years old (except children with their parents). For TOPFLAT IX and X the minimum age is by 30 years.

1. Flat

Your booked flat is equal to pictures and description on our Website. It will be at your exclusive disposal only.

2. Check in and Check out

Please notice that we don’t have a permanent reception. You can reach us from Monday till Friday / 10 am till 5 pm.

Please arrange a date for Check in and key hand-over at least 24 hours before your arrival via email ( or textmessage (+491781877326). You can also easily use this number to reach our „WhatsApp“-front desk. Appointments by phone are not possible.

If you want to make a reservation for a group (more than 4 persons) please specify name, nationality, age of each additional traveler by bookingrequest.

Your Apartment will be available for Check in from 3 pm until 6 pm. Check out time is until 10 am. Possible demand for a Check in or Check out earlier or later can be considered only by email and will cause additional costs.

Due to the fact that we have to coordinate several Check ins we need to know about your arrival in time. It’s not possible to fix your arrival time by phone. If you did not arrange an appointment with us until 6 pm the day before your arrival (workingday), your Check in time will be fixed by us. Any change will cost 25 €.

Please call us shortly before your arrival and do not ring the bell of foreign apartmens in no case. The key handover will happen directly in your apartment. The address will be forwarded with your bookingconfirmation. If you are delayed please take care to inform us as soon as (latest 1 hour before the appointment). Meaning, if your plane, bus or train is in delay please inform us already BEFORE departure. If you get stuck in a traffic jam please also inform us in case you will obviously not be in time.

We ask for your kind understanding that our waiting times of more than 15 minutes will be charged with 25 € per commenced half an hour. If we are not able to wait on the ground we point out that a second Check in appointment will cost 25€ plus.

3. Late Check In, Check in on Sundays and statutory holidays and last minute bookings

We offer you a free Check in from 3 until 6 pm from Monday til Saturday. From 6 until 8 pm we charge an additional fee of 25 €, from 8 pm until 10 pm we charge an additional fee of 50 €. After 10 pm it is not possible to check in.

4. Deposit and passport

For each apartment we take a deposit of 250 €, to be paid cash (valuta Euro) during Check in (debit or credit card payment is not possible). No deposit – no Check in. If we have to arrange a second appointment we will charge additional 25 €. Your deposit will be paid back by departure, if the apartment will be handed over correctly. In individual cases we reserve the right to remit the deposit.

Please bring a valid passport or identification card (no student ID, driving licence or something like that). We will duplicate that via smartphone. Your data will be stored only as long as your booking will be finished.

5. Linen goods

We will provide you one-time and at no charge the following linen goods (per person/per booking):

·      1 x bedclothes (bedsheet, duvet cover, pillow cover)

·      1 x dishtowel

·      1 x bathroom-rug

·      handtowels

To be perfectly prepared, please tell us how you would like to have the beds to be arranged (doublebed or two separated beds).

6. Consumables & food

We will provide at no charge:

·      dishwater tablets

·      dish liquid

·      dishcloth

·      2 x garbage bags

·      2 x rolls of toiletpaper

·      liquid soap

Generally we will not provide any food. If any nonperishables packages have been left behind by other guests (spicery, coffee, tea, tinned food) we keep it for further use. If consuming these products cause any health trouble we would like to point out that use of these products is at your own risk.

7. Stay

Smoking, having a party as well as doing business of any kind (especially customer traffic) in the apartments is strictly prohibited. The apartments are furnished with smoke detectors. Any costs for a damage-operation (at least 250 €) which occur by acting carelessly will be beared by you. The originator will be always liable for damage.

Smoking within the flat will be charged with additional 100 € for cleaning. Use of candles, open fire as well as firework is strictly forbidden. It’s prohibited to use nail polish, glitterspray or glitter eyshadow as well as cosmetic products which leave remaining traces. Applied to all other liquids. Stains on tables, seatings, linen, for example by red wine or hair tinting lotion, are damages and have to be rewarded.

Please use only electric devices which has been certified and approved in EU.

Moving furniture is prohibited. Any damage caused by moving the furniture will be immediately charged to the originator. If you spill anything please wipe it up. Please always check windows and balcony doors to be closed, electricity, heating and lights to be switched off before leaving the flat. If the cleaning staff should recognize, that heating and lights are repeatedly switched on during absence we will charge additional 10 € per each bookingday.

When rebuilding the apartments as well as in operation we always pay attention to ecological basics. We did not use any tropical woods, we benefit from green electricity, our cleaning supplies are obtained from a wholesale trading exclusively with green products, our laundry service is recycling the wastewater separately, we share the garbage, and so on. Please support these really sustainable results with your responsible acting and caring.

During your stay short visits are generally allowed. Permanent visits, (also without accommodation) which don’t show how many persons belong to the booking are strictly prohibited (see point 9).

Internet can be used for free via flatscreen tv and a keyboard WLAN is available. You will get your WIFI-Code with Check in. It’s prohibited to use the internet access for illegal activities (for example illegal music download). In any case of investigation we will forward all necessary data. The TVs are partly provided with a smart-tv function. It’s prohibited to register with your own access and to claim charged services.

The apartmens are located in normal buildings with other neighbours. The needs of your neighbours have to be respected during your whole stay. Please take care that there is no noisy music and talks outside the apartment after 10 pm. Please close the windows looks to the yard and keep quiet on the balconys. All neighbours do have our phonenumber. If we might get a call due to disturbance we will react instantly. Coming up to your flat and taking about the situation togehter with you and the neighbours. We will charge for this effort 50 €.  Should there occour another disturbance your stay will be ended immediately (without reward of the bookingcosts).

8. Traveling kids

Kids up to age of 3 stay at no charge. It’s possible to get discount for older kids – depending on the total booking summary. Please ask for this in advance. We will provide childrenbed, childrenlinen and so on for free. Generally see point 9.

9. Unpaid accommodation of additional guests

If we realize that more persons than paid and booked stay over in the flat extra costs have to be paid immediately. That means an additional total amount for the rented period. In detail (in case of illegal stay), if you book a flat offering max 8 dormbeds, coming over with 5 people, you have to pay the costs for the whole booking period for 3 more people. And whatever how many persons are staying for real. Should the apartment has been fully booked already and there are additional people to stay illegal you have to pay 50 €/per day for every additional person, also for the whole booking period. If beds or daybeds are used without linen you have to pay another cleaning-fee of 50 € for each dormbed.

10. Longterm stay (more than 7 days)

For a longterm stay (more than 7 days) we offer a weekly and monthly fee. Holiday time, bank holidays (incl. bridging days and related weekends) as well as periods which are most frequently in demand, for example the Berlin Marathon, are apart from this.

For the longterm stay we offer a weekly room cleaning service which also contains the change of the bedlinen. For this service we will charge (up to 2 persons) 25 € per week, plus 10 € for 2 more persons and so on. In case of not using this service you have to take care by yourself regarding a weekly cleaning as well as taking out the trash. Cleaning supplies and belongings will be provied for free.

In case of ignoring these guidelines we will do a basic cleaning at the end of your stay which will be charged up to 250 € for each flat. Damages due to non-cleaning have to be paid in additon. See point 11.

11. Damages

Loss, damage or defects have to be reported immediately to avoid more damage and find remedy. Damages have to paid. Guest which are not German citizens have to pay instantly and cash. German citizens with a permanent address in Germany can report the damage to their liability insurance company and settle it later (please notice that you have to provide a liability insurance on location). For processing of claims we charge 25 € for 100 € loss amount. Loss of keys have also to be reported without delay. A new set of keys will be charged with at least 100 €.

12. Check out

Please text us via SMS, WhatsApp or email your exact time for Check out one day before. Alternatively we can discuss it already on arrival. Shouldn’t we get any info (latest 6 pm day before/working day) 10 am will be latest for Check out.

Please take out the garbage to the trash cans. Leave the kitchen as it has been handed over. Tidy it up including cleaning of dinnerware, cutlery, kitchen utensils.

You don’t need to strip your bed. Leave the towels at the bathroom floor (not on the wooden floor).

Please be ready in time. If the apartment is much more dirty than expected an extra amount of 50 € for final cleaning has to be paid. Please check carefully if nothing will be left. We will certainly forward you everything but please notice that we charge,  beside postage costs, for our efforts about 25 €.