Food Tip: Long March Canteen

Founder and owner of Steffen is definately in love with pretty good food. Berlin certainly offers a large culinary diversity – generally you can catch something for each taste. Personally Steffen emphasizes a lot, amongst others, on authenticity as well as quality.

Today we deeply like to recommend the Long March Canteen with its south chinese cuisine. Visiting this special location, is at least a trip worthy to Berlin J.

Based in Kreuzberg (Wrangelkiez) the Canteen is not at all a typical Chinese  restaurant. By entry humid steam (Heads up – it’s definately a kind of tropic) and a diffused light are providing an atmospheric mixture between an underground club and asian eatery. This gloomy ambience as well as the rad interior for example the lunchroom benches and the bluecolored neonlamp lettering fit perfectly to the surrounding.

The large range of the menu contains for example a Pak Choi Salade, marinated Chicken Skewer with Water Chestnut and Leek on Lime-Honey-Sauce as well as original gastronomic Chinese specialties like Chickenfeet and Jellyfish. These delights will be served also as Dim Sums and Dumplings. Optionally baked, cooked, boiled or barbecued. Lovingly and artfully arranged, served by a super pleasant staff on little trolleys.

A baked banana with cold chocolatetopping for dessert, crowned by a hazelnut liquer. So yummie!

The value for money fits totally at the Long March Canteen. Top service combined with a delicious cuisine. It’s definitely a very special culinaric experience including a so called VIP-bonus (also John Malkovich has been seen here). Enjoy your trip and your meal ♡ .

All Images: Long March Canteen