Between East and West

Of course our location between East and West includes a certain historic capability. Don’t worry; we don’t want to bore you. We just summarized a few exiting facts.

Friedrichshain is located in the former eastern part of the city. It represented the typical working disctrict of the communistic Berlin. Today it’s a hip urban quarter and distinguished by the former Stalinallee with all its social classisism buildings. Further more its a prominent location near to the Spree, which is currently being discussed as „Mediaspree“ district alongside the Stralauer Allee. Mostly by representives of the subculture, the city and at least the investors.

Yesterday and today

About 28 years the Spree symbolized the frontier between East and West, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Until today the East Side Gallery – still originally located and starting directly beside our house, – documents this splitting in a colour- and artful way.

Crossing the Oberbaumbridge with its representative arches and the two bricktowers you will get to Kreuzberg. For a long time Kreuzberg has been the center of the alternative movement, which has become legendary due to the occupant crowd and the radical street battles. Until today – around May, 1st – there still occur riots constantly. During these days the windows of banks and shops of well-known brands are normally barricaded by planks.

Each year in Summer a skit and funny fight takes place between the residents of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. They are having a vegetable-/waterbattle. directly on the Oberbaumbridge. It’s definitely a rad event which only can be performed in crazy Berlin J.